I am a Nitrox-Diver

Yesterday I saw that I have totally forgotten to write a post about the nitrox-course.
Now I could say that I am a nitrox-diver. Last saturday I passed the PADI-nitrox-exam – without any mistake!
In the following I will tell you something about the course and the proper sense in this way of diving:

Diving with enriched air (nitrox) means that you can extend your no stop divetime beyond the no decompression limits for compressed air. So you have (much) more time underwater to discover and have fun. But it can also mean that a diver is not so exhausted after severeal dives a day (because of the lower nitrogen in the body).

Enriched air means that you have more oxygen in your tank than with normal air. Normally you have 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. After passing the PADI enriched air course you can dive with breathing air with a oxygen percentage up to 40%!
But more oxygen means more risks, too. At certain deep oxygen gets toxic. A higher oxygen level means a higher risk of this in a minor deep than with „normal air“.

More informations about enriched air nitrox you can find on www.padi.com