Don’t worry, be happy

I am sitting at home in front of the computer.
I have to learn, but I couldn’t concentrate.
I always must think about you, I always ache for you.
I extremely like you, but I can’t explain it to you.

Last night I have dreamt about you – and pull an all-nighter.
Now my stomach rebels, because I must tell it to you.
But I am afraid that you will be laughing.
So I don’t have the guts to ask, because you could say that it didn’t fit to you.
I cannot say something like this, why you can’t feel me?

„I need to have you near me. I need to feel you close to me“ the radio plays „Jeans On“ by David Dundas.

I really love you, when there is something like this.
You are so beautiful, too beautiful to understand.
I see you in my mind, so close and still so far away – like at any of our meetings.
I have left the chance out, I have let you go without saying anything.
Damned I love you, damned I need you, damned why you are not with me?

Before we met last time, I resolved to speak with you, I looked forward to it..
I couldn’t await to see you and to talk to you. But it happened different again…

I heard what you were saying, but I couldn’t make a sound.
I would tell you that I need you, tell you that I am sorry.
But now it is too late – too late to apologize.
I hope for another chance, but I am afraid, because I know… it’s too late…

I cut my thoughts of. I have to learn.
The song on the radio ends and the next begins:
Bobby McFerrin: „Don’t worry, be happy“.